Monday, August 3, 2009

Letters, I Get Letters

Reader SK writes:
"What kind of clams do you harvest locally? And what kind of clams did you pick up at the market? I love to learn regional differences. If you're gonna write this stuff, I need specifics."

(Okay, it's my friend Steve again. No one else reads this dang blog...)

Coquina, jackknife and surf clams are found in our tidal waters. The clams that Richard and I harvested were probably butterfly clams.

Also known as the white sand clam, this species can be buried to a depth of 20 inches. Because they can bury so deep, they have few predators.

None of the local supermarkets or restaurants carry much of the native seafood. The smaller fish mongers tend to have meager supplies of the daily catch. We have good local shrimp, and oysters which can be bought by the bushel.

The clams featured in our dish were little necks from Canada, I think. We also regularly get mahogany clams which have a beautiful golden brown color, but don't actually have much flavor. Steamer clams are starting to appear more often.

Wherever they come from, a day with clams is a good day.

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