Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Photos by Cynthia

It took almost all summer, but we finally got some good tomatoes.

The local supermarket tomatoes are a joke, and we don't have a real farmer's market nearby. The few roadside stands we do have are a bit hit-and-miss, especially when it comes to tomatoes.

So, when Cynthia came home with a bag of luscious beafsteak beauties, that signaled one thing: BLT.

If not my favorite sandwich, the BLT is certainly in my top three. It certainly is a great way to enjoy the full flavor of a raw ripe tomato. And it proves the time-worn but true cliche that everything is better with bacon.

Today, ours were supercharged with a simple chili mayo (some ancho and smoked paprika powders stirred in) and grilled sliced avocado. Presented with romaine and raw bok choy leaves on toasted whole grain sourdough, it was a modest update to a classic.

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