Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Beet Goes On

Photos by Cynthia

Continuing my fascination with vegetable galettes, I tried a version with orange baby beets. The thinly sliced beet coins were quite small, and with the shrinkage that occurred during the cooking, they didn't hold together as a pancake. But they had brilliant layered yellow colors, including a saffron-like tinge around the edges and were delectably crisp and caramelized. It was really more of a roast beet hash. They were topped with rings of shallots, grilled bay scallops and avocado.

The beets accompanied a pan-seared salmon filet, lacquered with the plum sauce from our recent grilled duck, set atop grilled zucchini planks.

All in all, a dish of glowing sunset color, just right for the end of the day.


  1. Roasted beet hash sounds delicious! The color is lovely, and I'm a fan of beets.

  2. Beautiful dish. I didn't like beets growing up, but I have really come to like them. I bet the salmon went with them very nicely...