Sunday, September 13, 2009

Notes From the Underground

Photo by Cynthia

Our friend Richard went clamming (without me) and found a sweet spot in the reeds. He harvested about 120 clams - too many even for Richard. He shared some with us, and we enjoyed them roasted from the grill with lemon and garlic butter.

Things are getting pretty busy here at the Random Gourmet. Cynthia and I work as theatre technicians and designers and as the fall season approaches we have multiple projects to juggle. While we continue to cook (and eat), the time to photo and blog is becoming scarce. And, we have a sober milestone approaching that will require its own entry on our related blog.

So while we may be dormant for several weeks, please check back occasionally. There is a lot going on below the surface.


  1. You know, I hope, that we all wish you the best in your endeavors and know we are with you in spirit whilst it be above or below……..

  2. Mmmmm, freshly picked clams, that's what I call luxury...

  3. We'll miss you. I'll keep an anxious eye peeled for your posts.

  4. i will miss you,also!i wish you a very good "entry"in this fall season!

  5. hi!busy ,yet?
    i wish you a lovely day!i have some awards for you on my blog!